Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We have listened to the users and we will soon be adding a new section called: “Photoshop Challenge”. This section will be dedicated to using your Photoshop skills you have learned from previous tutorials. We will be supplying you with all the supporting files (images, actions, fonts, etc.) and your goal is to duplicate the image that will be shown on the page.


**Please note, we will NOT be promoting these challenges through tutorial submission sites or other areas. We will only be sending out new Photoshop Challenges to users that are signed up to receive the RSS updates. We have noticed that the Photoshop Education RSS subscriber and returning user count is increasing very quickly and wanted to give these users something special so they can be one of the first to solve these challenges. As an RSS subscriber, you will not only find out about the new tutorials, but also when new Pop Quizzes or Photoshop Challenges are posted. If you have not already clicked on the RSS button (located towards the top left hand side of each page), please do so now or Left click on the following link: Subscribe To RSS Feed.


At first the challenges will be easy and may even look very basic, but the challenges will be based off of previous tutorials. What we are trying to accomplish with this new section is to begin using what you have learned in previous tutorials and create everyday life challenges. By doing these challenges, you will need to push yourself to remember knowledge you have learned not only from one tutorial, but from many different tutorials. Don’t worry; we will give you help on solving different areas of the challenge. If you are completely stumped on the challenge, you can always scroll to the bottom of the post and watch or download the Photoshop challenge answer video.


Also Coming Soon: Just to give you a heads up, expect another Pop Quiz to be released shortly. To get caught up on the pop quizzes, please use the following link: Pop Quiz.



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