Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year From Photoshop Education

We wish everyone a Happy New Year from Photoshop Education site. This year, we decided to get off our butts and finally create a website that would help a beginner/intermediate user with Photoshop. This was a huge task from developing the site to creating all the quality videos, pdf files, Photoshop challenges, pop quizzes, individual course quizzes or even the quick tips.


We are very pleased with the progression of the site. As of writing of this post, we are fast approaching over 7 hours of video tutorials and over 700 pages of documentation. Remember, this site is for you! From the start, the goal was to give you all the tools to learn this graphics program quicker and easier for FREE! Yes, we spend a lot of time developing, writing, proof reading, or creating videos, but it is worth it. Even though we only spend 5-10 minutes a week promoting the site, we are seeing excellent statistics on the amount of users that visit our site (word of mouth has been great and please take the time and tell your friends and family). So why does our group spend so much time and give this away free? Because of the get great feeling when we get emails or comments from users that we have made their life easier learning this complex program.


So what is in store for 2010? Of course more high quality tutorials, challenges, quick tips and tricks, and of course everything will still be free. From the start, myself and the others wanted to get a forums site launched and this will happen in 2010. We are looking at doing Fake challenges and your goal is to spot the fake image and determine why it is fake image. Our group is also looking at ways to better promote our site. Do you have any ideas to help us promote our site? If so, please use the “Contact Us” link and send us an email. Our goal is to double our 1st time and returning users count in 2010. We truly want to help more people! There are many other areas that we will be experimenting with in 2010, but we do not want to bore you with the fine details.


Once again, thank you for all of your emails that you have sent us and thank you for the support you have given us (sending us emails, to telling us we made an error pronouncing words or to the help of telling your friends, co-workers or even students about our site) over this year. We wish you a Happy New Year and hope your knowledge of Photoshop grows quickly in 2010.


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