Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sharpening Comparison


We just finished another tutorial on sharpening in Photoshop. The sharpening techniques that we discussed covers all of the common sharpening methods inside Photoshop. When we are finished with the beginner and intermediate courses, we will come back and give you the advanced (uncommon) techniques. We thought it would be useful for you to see a comparison of the different sharpening methods.


Currently we are using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit and the Photoshop CS4 Extended 64 Bit version.


Sharpening Information:

As you can see, there are no streaming video or downloadable files besides the PDF of this tutorial. The reason for this is because all of the sharpening methods that we will be comparing are already covered in the Basics Of Sharpening, Smartly Sharpen Your Images or the High Pass Sharpening tutorials.


To make this comparison fair, we took a portion of this crocodile and resized the image so that it would fit on our website. We then tired a single sharpening technique. We played with all of the settings to correctly sharpen that image using that specific technique. We closed and re-opened the same image for each test. We used the same monitor and computer to generate all the examples. We recorded the settings and we saved the images in the same file format and with the same file compression.


If you see a () next to the name, that is the settings we used.


It is important to understand that there will NOT be 1 tool in Photoshop that fixes all the different types of blurs of a specific image. Sometimes, you will need to fix a certain area with 1 technique and on a different layer fix another area with a different technique and either blend or layer mask the 2 layers.


Here are the results:

Original Sharpening 


Sharpen Filter


Sharpen Edges


Sharpen More


Unsharp Mask


 Smart Sharpen


High Pass Sharpening


Multiple Sharpening Techniques



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We hope you enjoyed this comparison of the sharpening methods in Photoshop. Please visit us at: to expand your knowledge within Adobe Photoshop.



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