Monday, October 5, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello my name is Jeff and I currently live in Westland, (metro Detroit area) Michigan, USA. I am 40 years old and I have been married for 14 years (no kids). I am a co-creator of the Photoshop Education site and have written all of the tutorials and recorded all of the videos (yes if you are going to blame someone, blame me, lol). My full-time job is I work for an international automotive supplier and some of my duties at my job include writing training material and do training in large groups for all North American plants.

My first glimpse of Photoshop was in 1993 when my best man in my wedding was using Photoshop 2.5 (he was a Graphic Analyst for a printing press company). He showed me a few tricks when Photoshop 3.0 was released in 1994. Due to the fact that there were very few courses on Photoshop and the Internet was still in its infancy, I ended up losing interest in the software. When Photoshop 7.0 was released in 2002, I found information online and truly began learning this software. Over the years I have learned the Photoshop program from many different websites (I could never find 1 site that supported only beginner tutorials) and read multiple books. The real problem with books is that they are all not created equally. One of the books I purchased was “Teach Yourself Photoshop in a Weekend”. When the book arrived at my door step (I mailed ordered it), I found that it was a book showing you what Photoshop could do for you. There were very little instructions, which only frustrated me.

Back in April 2009 a friend of mine kept asking me questions about Adobe Photoshop. I had no problem answering the questions, but I recommended that he find a site that only supported beginner Photoshop tutorials. When my friend contacted me back with “I could not find any great sites for Photoshop beginners only”, the wheels began turning on how I could fill this void and help other users. We knew from the start that we wanted to give step by step examples to all the beginner/intermediate Photoshop users. We also knew that written documentation had to be solid and to make sure that there were enough screenshots and that the written document could be downloaded and reviewed offline. We also knew to train the users easier; we needed to allow them to watch streamed videos online and to be able to downloaded and watch it offline.

We have came a long ways since August 2009 and I can promise you that the reason why I spend so much time creating new tutorials or working on new features for the site is to help you the user, because I truly want to give back to the community. Plus it is also nice to see thank you emails stating that we helped.

If I am not writing tutorials or working at my full time job, I have volunteered my time at the local library to teach Photoshop courses. We hope you enjoy the site and please take a moment and “Contact Us” if you have any questions or just want to say thanks. Take care and have fun Photoshopping!


  1. Start with by going to the menu "All Tutorials" (located right underneath the Photoshop Education Logo at the top of every page). If you have no knowledge of Photoshop, we recommend that you start with course #1.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Amazing !! Can you write tutorials for us ? - Please contact if you want to on

    Thanks !!

  3. We write tutorials only for this site.