Friday, September 25, 2009

Photoshop Challenge 1


Photoshop challenges are a unique fun way of using your knowledge that you have learned from previous tutorials. We will post the challenge image and we will give you all the supporting files (actions, fonts, images, etc.), plus key information to recreate the image. It is your task to try to recreate the challenge image. Please note all of the tools that we use for a challenge are covered in previous tutorials. To review older tutorials, Left click the “All Tutorials” button located at the top of the webpage or use the following link: All Tutorials. If you reviewed the previous tutorials, recreating the image will be easy.


You will find that the challenges are NOT works of art and they were only created to help you begin to use your knowledge that you have learned over a wide range of tutorials.


If you are stumped on a certain area, please scroll down to the bottom of the challenge and read the listed hints. If the hints do not help, feel free to watch/download the Photoshop Challenge Answer Video.


Challenge Completion Time:

Successfully completely the challenge is the number one priority. This challenge should take you from 3 minutes to 8 minutes to complete.


Challenge Details:


1). You will need to download the supporting files which is the sky image only. Scroll down to the bottom of the challenge and Left click on download supporting files.


2). The font we used was: Arial which should be already installed on your computer.


3). The top banner with the text is: 768X119.


That is all you get on this challenge. To successfully complete this challenge, it does not have to look EXACTLY like the image for colors or text placement, etc, but you need to know what tools/features we used in Photoshop and your end result image should look very similar to the challenge image.


Tutorials Covered: 1 through 17.



Hints/Answer ALERT!

Please do NOT proceed with this document, unless you want to find out the answer. We have broken it up into 3 different areas (Challenge Areas, Hints, Answer Video).


Challenge Areas:

Here are a few things you should notice before you begin to duplicate this image.


1). The text color is blue, red, blue, red, etc.


2). Some of the characters are missing a portion of the text.


3). Make note of the layers. (example: the sky image is the bottom layer the yellow circle is a middle layer, etc.).

  4). Take notice of the size and how blurred the line is underneath the text.


So the “Challenge Areas” have not helped you. Below are some tutorials that you can find the answers to some of the steps of this challenge.


1). The yellow circle, the answer can be found in the “Drawing Tools” tutorial.


2). If you read the Colors And Painting Tools tutorial you can find the answer on how to make the blurred line underneath the text.


3). A lot of the answers to the arranging the layers can be found in Learning Layers With Ease tutorial or More Layers tutorial.

  4). Remember we told you the text banner area was 768x119 in size and you will notice that the banner runs across the sky image. Before you copy the banner layer into the sky image, you need to make sure your width of the sky is Canvas Size, Cropping, Image Size (same as the banner).

That should be enough hints to help you through this challenge, but if not watch the video below. **Please note after rendering, editing, and uploading the video we realized we did completely go over how we set the background color to black. We showed you that we reset the background/foreground using the “D” key and that we used the “X” key to flip the colors, but what we did not show you is on the “New Document” screen we set the background information to “Background Color”. In the video we just showed you we used the size and then we pressed “OK”.


Answer Video:




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(Brushes, Textures, Fonts, Images, Actions, .PSD, Etc.)

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