Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special Thank You

Today when we checked our email for the site, we found many thank you letters (more than normal) and we just want say that we created this site for you and we are glad that you are getting the knowledge you need.


In some of these emails, the user has asked us how they can help keep this site going forward. We spend a lot of time creating each tutorial and we do very little promotion of the site. For us it is important to get the next detailed tutorial released to the viewer of the site as quickly as possible. The area that we need help with is promotion. Do you know of a good way to promote the site? If you do not know of any way to promote the site, than can you please tell you’re Photoshop, graphics friends about our site?


We have said from the start that we are here to help you. We give you free detailed written tutorials with a lot screenshots. We also give you the PDF, offline video and supporting files for each tutorial. We also stream each video tutorial. Finally, we have Photoshop Challenges, Quizzes and other tools to help you learn Photoshop quicker and easier. We do this all for free and for you!


Two different colleges and one adult learning center in the United States is using our tutorials to help train the students. We are allowing our tutorials to be used at these schools for no cost and all we request is that the websites name remains on the document. We have even offered to volunteer at the local library to teach Photoshop. We are dedicated to helping all the beginner and intermediate Photoshop users of the world.


We are just finishing the 41st tutorial and we have 750+ pages of written tutorials and we are fast approaching 9 hours of videos. It is very important to us that we keep turning out quality tutorials in a timely manner.


Thank you for making our site very popular in the Photoshop community.



  1. Go rad go rad its your b'day go rad!
    sorry couldnt resist mate, but your doing well I see havent had a chance to check out your tutorials as of late and WOW you exceeded my expectations if im honest. I (the guy who cant use PS) is even now working through a few of your tutorials...nicely done

  2. Well thank you for your kind comments. It has came a long ways from the first tutorial and I am glad that users are getting so much out of the site.

  3. These are the best tutorials I have found in the web . Very easy and comprehensive . I hope you will give us some more intermediate ones...
    Thanks is not enough to show our gratitude ..Regards.