Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photoshop Challenge 4

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In this Photoshop challenge, we will be supplying you with the PE-DUCKS image which we have used in previous tutorials. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and Left click the “Click Picture To Download Supporting Files” to download the image. This challenge covers tutorials 1-33.


Remember, these challenges are not works of art and they are created only to help you use the information you have learned in prior courses.


If you are stumped, scroll down to the Challenge Area, Hints, or Answer section. You will first find some hints to help you complete certain areas of the project. If you still can’t figure out how to restore certain areas of the image, feel free to watch the answer video (either watch it online or download the file).


Challenge Completion Time:

Successfully completing this challenge will take 10 minutes or 15 minutes if you want to take the time and be careful. To make it look perfect it could take up to an hour.


Challenge Details:


1). The font used is Arial and the size is 172.


2). For each section, you will need to use the correct adjustment tools. Example, the brightness and contrast should only be used in the brightness and contrast section (top right hand corner of the image).

That is all the information you need to complete for this challenge. Remember your final image does NOT need to look exactly like ours, but it should be very close to be considered a success.

Ok, here is the final image.

Photoshop Challenge 4



Please do NOT proceed with this document, unless you would like to find out the answer. We have broken this section up into 3 different areas (Challenge Areas, Hints/Answers, Answer Video).


Challenge Area:


1). Look closely at the lines and you will notice that it starts black on the left hand side and white on the right hand side. Do you remember what tutorial we talked about how to make it go from black to white?


2). If you look, the lines are perfectly straight. That should give you an idea on how we did that area.


3). Notice how the different fixes are in each section? How did we make it separated like that?


4). Notice how the text follows the lines? Do you remember how we rotated the text in previous tutorials?



Ok, we guess the challenge area above did not help you, so let’s show you some important areas of the challenge.


1). You can find your answers on how to do the adjustments in the following tutorials: The Autos, Straight To Curves, Levels And Histogram, or Fixing Exposure And Brightness.


2). The lines are perfectly straight. One way to make section is to use the Polygonal Lasso tool and use the Shift key to force the straight lines. Please review the Selecting Image Content tutorial.


3). Black to white is the Gradient option. If you do not remember this tutorial, check out the Gradient And Paint Bucket Tools tutorial.


4). We used the Gradient on a new blank layer and put the layer below the duck layer and than removed the sections.

  5). Each section was than copied to its own layer so we could do the adjustment only on that one layer. For more information about Layers, check out the following tutorials: Learning Layers With Ease or More Layers.

Answer Video:

Ok, the challenge area and the hints did not help. That is ok, because we created the answer video below for you.


Click To Download Video

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Download Total Video Player, iTinySoft

Click To Download Supporting Files

Click Picture To Download Supporting Files

(Brushes, Textures, Fonts, Images, Actions, .PSD, Etc.)

Download ZipGenius Standard Edition, Dicono di ZipGenius






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