Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photoshop Challenge 5

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In this Photoshop challenge, we will be supplying you with the PE-YFLOWER image which we have used in previous tutorials. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and Left click the “Click Picture To Download Supporting Files” to download the image. This challenge covers tutorials 1-35. Your goal is to turn this yellow flower into an orange flower with text that appears to be growing into the petals.


Remember, these challenges are not works of art and they are created only to help you use the information you have learned in prior courses.


If you are stumped, scroll down to the Challenge Area, Hints, or Answer section. You will first find some hints to help you complete certain areas of the project. If you still can’t figure out how to restore certain areas of the image, feel free to watch the answer video (either watch it online or download the file).


Challenge Completion Time:

Successfully completing this challenge will take 20 minutes or 30 minutes if you want to take the time and be careful and make it look better. To make it look perfect it could take up to an hour.


Challenge Details:


1). No details needed for this challenge. Duplicate the image only.

That is all the information you need to complete for this challenge. Remember your final image does NOT need to look exactly like ours, but it should be very close to be considered a success. Your goal is to determine the steps on how we made the final image and begin using the Photoshop tools.


Here is the starting image.

Challenge Starting Image


This is your challenge!

Challenge End Result Image




Please do NOT proceed with this document, unless you would like to find out the answer. We have broken this section up into 3 different areas (Challenge Areas, Hints/Answers, Answer Video).

Challenge Area:


1). The color change of the petals, we just covered in a previous tutorial.


2). Notice how the text is bent towards the petal?


3). There are a few ways to handle the edging of the text, think about at least one of the ways.


4). You will notice that the color of the petals was not affected by the color of the text, how is that possible?



Ok, we guess the challenge area above did not help you, so let’s show you some important areas of the challenge.


1). A little rotation and adjustment using the transform tools is needed. Check out the Transforming Objects tutorial for more information.


2). Changing colors can be easily accomplished by using the Hue/Saturation tool in Photoshop. For more details, check out the Hue And Saturation Adjustment tutorial.


3). To adjust the text, it needs to be on its own layer. Here are 2 good tutorials that talk about layers: Learning Layers With Ease or More Layers.


4). Remember all the fun stuff you can do with Layer Masks? That is one way to make the edging around the text. The tutorial is located at: Masking And Transform Information or More Masks Please.


That should be enough to get you going. If not, check out the answer video below.


Answer Video:

Ok, the challenge area and the hints did not help. That is ok, because we created the answer video below for you.


Click To Download Video

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Download Total Video Player, iTinySoft

Click To Download Supporting Files

Click Picture To Download Supporting Files

(Brushes, Textures, Fonts, Images, Actions, .PSD, Etc.)

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